We are your first step towards Export

Export 2 gulf is a fully integrated solutions provider for both exporters and importers; over 10 years of practical experience, our consultant and experts gain the most powerful tools to help hundreds of exporters to penetrate the Gulf, Africa, and Middle East markets, and help them to avoid complicated procedures, delayed shipments and pay additional fees that do not need to clear their goods.

It is not only a certificate

The role of Export 2 Gulf is not limited to just issuing a certificate to our customer, but our work begins since there is a need to export to a foreign country, our consultancy includes:

  1. Studying and analyzing the products to be exported
  2. Free customs clearness audits to review all documents related to cargo clearance to identify the deficiencies and develop an action plan to complete all of these requirements to be ready to deliver your goods to their destination
  3. Issuing Country of origin certificate
  4. Translate your document to the Arabic language by Accredited translators
  5. Issuing test reports from accredited laboratories


Product Conformity - 15+ years
Auditing & Inspection - 12+ years
Product Certification - 10+ years
Export & Logistics - 8+ years


ِAt Export2gulf, our most important goal is to assist our clients in obtaining the necessary technical support to facilitate the export and import operations and to access markets without any barriers in the fastest time and at the lowest cost, during our work, we put more than ten years of experience in import, export and conformity under our clients order

Mohamed El Shetany

CEO & Export2gulf Founder
’Mohamed El Shetany
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