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SASO certificate شهادة ساسو

SASO Certificate

SASO Certificate SASO Certificate is related to The Saudi organization for standardization metrology and quality which is considered as one of the most important national bodies which aims to achieve the regional leadership in the fields of conformity assessment and standardization and raise the level of products quality to enhance consumer protection, raise the competitiveness…

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Type 1a & Type 3 Type Approval

Difference between Type 1a & Type 3 Type Approval

Introduction about Type 1a & Type 3 Before your request for saber registration , you should know some details about type approval and their classification Type 1a & Type 3 Certification program could be explained as a certification system related to selected products, to which the same requirements, rules and procedures implemented. Certain certification programs may include preliminary test…

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SASO Certificate CoC

SASO COC certificate of Conformity Saudi Arabia

What is SASO COC Certificate Saudi ? Saudi Arabia is considered as one of the leading countries that pay more attention to control and monitoring their markets to protect consumers in the markets from getting a defected products that are not conforming to SASO standards and regulations, this also aims to protect local manufacturers from…

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Certificate of Conformity COC

Certificate of conformity (COC)

What is the Certificate of Conformity COC ? All countries need to assure their consumers safety and quality of the imported products and goods they buy, and to protect their local manufacturers from unfair competition, so governmental authorities has implemented guidelines for markets accesses by requiring that exporters should submit a certificate of conformity CoC…

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