Export plastic products to Tanzania

Export plastic products to Tanzania TZS 1878

Export plastic products to Tanzania Market The household plastic ware shall be made from natural or pigmented plastic materials. Plastic materials, which can be used for the manufacture of the household plastic wares, are poly methyl metha crylate, poly carbonate, polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, phenolic, PET and melamine formaldehyde molding compounds. The material may contain additives…

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HS Code

HS Code Harmonized system

HS Code definition HS code known as Harmonized system, which was developed by world customs organization “WCO” on 1988 for multipurpose product tariff nomenclature, as an international standard system for numbers and names to classify traded goods, it describes the type of goods that will be shipped, nowadays all customs officers around the world are…

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